Maxeon 7 solar panels earn efficiency, hail-resistance benchmarks


Maxeon Solar Technologies achieved another efficiency rating benchmark for its solar panels. The company announced a module aperture efficiency measurement of 24.9% for its Maxeon 7 panel, as confirmed by testing conducted at the U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). Maxeon also confirmed that their back-contact (IBC) panels are IEC-certified for impact resistance from hail of up to 45mm diameter.

“Maxeon continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in solar, with products that generate the most reliable clean energy for customers on day one and for decades to come,” said Bill Mulligan, Maxeon CEO. “The first installations of our new Maxeon 7 panels are demonstrating the real-world value that our technology leadership is delivering, and further differentiate Maxeon from our competitors.”

Maxeon’s new efficiency benchmark builds on a long history of delivering the industry’s most advanced solar panels and extends the “champion module efficiency” lead of Maxeon panels previously validated by NREL testing in 2023.

Maxeon 7 solar panels are the next evolution of Maxeon’s IBC architecture. In addition to being designed for enhanced power, performance, and efficiency, Maxeon 7 cells feature a unique and patented design to mitigate hotspot risk from cell cracking and heat buildup under shaded conditions. This results in increased reliability and power output, as supported by the Company’s 40-year warranty. The exceptional performance of Maxeon panels in third-party testing for resistance to hail impact is also increasingly important given the rise in extreme weather events related to climate change.

“Our innovation engine continues to set the pace for the entire solar industry, with a keen focus on what matters most for the consumers, businesses and organizations choosing solar solutions,” said Matt Dawson, Maxeon Chief Technology Officer. “That is why our team is driving new benchmarks in panel performance, as well as advancements in cell and module technology for exceptional reliability, durability, and power generation over time. Maxeon’s record-setting breakthroughs are great validation of our innovations, and most importantly, deliver exceptional long-term benefits for our customers.”

The new Maxeon 7 panels are currently available for selected partners in Europe. Full commercial availability across regions is expected in the third quarter of 2024.

— Solar Builder magazine



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