Missile Silos Transformed into Fancy Disaster Survival Condos


Survival is mankind’s most important goal, and now some of us will be able to do so in style and comfort. US-based Vivos Group is transforming former Atlas missile silos into luxury survival shelters, which will allow inhabitants to whether most forms of natural disasters. They’re building an entire network of these Survival Condos, and so far they have completed one entire such shelter, which is already fully booked.

They are currently working on a second and the entire project is a good example of repurposing a large foot-print structure into something usable.


The Atlas missile silos were retired from military service a few years back, so they have been made available for other uses. The silos have 9 feet (2.7 m)-thick concrete walls, which can withstand a direct nuclear strike. The structure is also topped with a dome, which is capable of withstanding winds of up to 500 mph (805 km/h). By using existing missile silos to build the Survival Condos, Vivos Group managed to save about $120 million, which should make their units more affordable.

Each of the units is equipped with redundant electricity sources and a redundant water supply with a reserve tank of a minimum of 75,000 gal (341,000 l). The filtration systems in place are able to filter our biological, nuclear, and chemical agents, while there is also a medical center on-site. The structure is also equipped with organic hydroponic and aquaculture setups so the residents will be able to grow their own food.




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