Mississippi solar boost: Strata Solar works with local power on 50-MW project

strata solarThe Mississippi Public Service Commission approved the largest solar installations in Mississippi on Nov. 10, making Mississippi Power the largest partner in renewable energy in the state. Strata Solar is collaborating with Mississippi Power and the U.S. Navy to build a 450-acre 50-MW solar project in Hattiesburg. Strata Solar specializes in utility scale solar energy systems and installations with its unique, low impact, standardized approach to solar farm creation that is supported through vertical divisions offering turnkey services for the design, construction and installation of utility and commercial photovoltaic systems.

Construction is slated to begin in early 2016.

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“This cost-effective, utility-scale solar energy project once again places Mississippi Power at the forefront of the state’s energy economy by adding renewable energy into the company’s portfolio,” said Mississippi Power President Anthony Wilson. “This project will have a substantial impact on the amount of electricity generated by renewables in Mississippi.”

Strata Solar will finance the installation with Mississippi Power receiving all of the energy and associated renewable energy credits generated by the projects. The energy and RECs may be used to serve customers with renewable energy, for future renewable energy programs or to sell at wholesale to third parties. The power will be purchased through long-term purchased power agreements with the developers.

“Strata Solar is looking forward to working with Mississippi Power on our Hattiesburg solar project,” said Strata Solar CEO Markus Wilhelm. “Working with utilities to competitively and substantively diversify their power generation is a big part of our passion for this industry. We are thrilled to be getting this project under way.”

As an intermittent energy resource, the solar facilities will not replace Mississippi Power’s generating plants, but will have the capability to provide energy that will help diversify the company’s generation portfolio and help keep rates affordable for customers.

— Solar Builder magazine

[source: http://solarbuildermag.com/news/mississippi-solar-boost-strata-solar-works-with-local-power-on-50-mw-project/]






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