Mobile Tiny House Brings you Closer to Nature


Daniel Venneman, a designer from Holland, has just completed a unique mobile tiny home. It’s called Porta Palace and he built it for his business partner Jelte Glas. The latter wanted a small, affordable home, which would bring him closer to nature anywhere he decided to park it.


Porta Palace measures 194 sq ft (18 sq m) and was built using what Venneman describes as bio-based construction methods. It features a timber and steel roof. The cladding is made of wood, which has been treated with Aquawood, an eco-friendly treatment that cuts down on the needed maintenance and allows the wood to wear naturally over time.

The interior features an open plan living and dining area, which is fitted with built-in furniture and storage space. This space is also equipped with glass doors that let in plenty of natural light, offer great views and open outwards to effectively extend the living area into the surrounding space. The sofa can be extended into a comfy guest bed, while also doubling as storage space. The bed is located in a lofted area. The home is also equipped with a kitchen and bathroom, which features a dry toilet. A clever staircase, which doubles as a cabinet, allows access to the lofted bedroom.




Due to all the clever additions and the large windows, the home feels much more spacious than it is. The owner also intends to install solar panels and a battery array in the near future, which will allow him to produce enough energy to power the home’s LED lights, the fridge, ventilator and still have some left over to charge his laptop and phone. Glas and Venneman are both great tiny home enthusiasts, and they plan to start creating a number of Tiny Villages all across Holland, each of which would consist of approximately 5 to 10 tiny homes on wheels.



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