Modern Home That Features a Green Roof


This home was recently completed by the firm TheVeryMany, which is led by architect Marc Fornes, in Strasbourg, France. The main challenge was getting a large, luxury home into the rather small plot of available land, but they did it perfectly, with very few sacrifices, and some clever solutions.


The home is called MaHouse and measures 3,659 sq ft (340 sq m). Since the plot on which it was built is quite small, the home is made up of three volumes, which are stacked one on top of the other in an interesting, misaligned way. Each of these volumes also has a green roof. It took about three years to build this four-bedroom home.


The master bedroom is located on the top floor, while the children’s bedrooms are on the second level, as is the playroom. The kitchen, living room and dining area are all located on the ground floor, while the home also has an underground garage. The different levels of the home are connected by a minimalistic staircase, which also features a slide for the kids to use to get from one level to the other. It’s a nice touch, but, frankly, I would want more side protection on this slide before I would let my children use it.



Squeezing such a large home into this tiny space meant that the neighboring houses are very close to MaHouse, so privacy was a concern. As was installing adequate glazing to let natural light enter the home. The architects solved this by installing Reglit Glass along the staircase, which offers privacy and also glows like a lantern in the dark.

This home is a great example of how clever design solutions can lead to being able to fit even very large structures into small plots.







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