Modern House with a Very Small Footprint


It’s getting harder and harder to find good-sized plots in popular areas around the globe, so it’s logical that savvy contractors and developers are finding solutions which take advantage of less-than-desirable plots of land. The architecture firm L3P Architekten recently completed House Vineyard in Dieseldorf, Switzerland, which has a tiny footprint, yet is still a cozy and modern dwelling.


House Vineyard Dieseldorf has a footprint of just 16 x 30 feet (5 x 9 m) with every available square foot taken advantage of. To better achieve this goal, the home does not have a standard entrance, but rather an underground entrance through the carport. The home also features a glass façade, which makes the home appear more spacious, offers great natural lighting and ventilation, yet still offers the occupants the needed privacy.


The architects kept the design simple and minimalistic, working mostly with concrete, which they left exposed wherever they could. The rooms of the home cantilever from the central core that is the home’s main support, in much the same way as grapes hand off a branch in a vineyard. They even built a bookcase made of concrete as part of the home’s supporting structure, which is a pretty unique space-saving idea.


Inside, all the walls were left bare, which, if you’re not a fan of such industrial minimalism, could start to look depressing and dank very quickly. Despite its small size, the home is spacious enough for a small family, and includes 2 bedrooms, a living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, as well as a cellar, a utility room, and a multi-purpose room.



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