Modern Tiny Home Doesn’t Skimp on Comfort


Who says all tiny homes are cute wooden houses? The so-called “Serena” tiny home is certainly a lot edgier than that. And more modern. It is currently located in Atlanta, Georgia, but it’s up for sale.

The Serena measures 224 square feet and features two French doors, one on either side, that allow plenty of light to flood the interior, aid ventilation, and make the home feel more spacious than it is. The angled wall also provides an overhang and a small porch, which looks big enough to fit a lounge chair.

The interior layout is great, with lots of open space so one doesn’t feel boxed in. A large storage cabinet is set against one of the walls, which features plenty of drawers to store everything from books, to clothes and shoes. The furniture is all custom made, and designed in a way that allows it to be tucked away when not in use, freeing up yet more space for lounging. The home has no loft and the couch is a part of the trundle bed that can be stored away beneath a raised platform at one end of the home.



The size of the kitchen is pretty impressive. It features a double-basin sink and lots of counter space, since the counter also acts as the dining table. There is space enough for a large fridge too. The bathroom is a true gem though. Despite the modest size of this dwelling, there is an almost full-sized tub in the bathroom, which is refreshing to see in a tiny home.


This is certainly one of the more modern tiny homes we’ve covered on this site, and judging by the pictures it is quite spacious. The Serena is on sale for $50,000.



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