Modular Home of the Future


Ever wish you could just rearrange the rooms in your home? Well, Tetris House designed by Universe Architecture would allow you to do just that. The designers really took modular building to the next level with this one.

Just like the classic video game its name comes from, Tetris House is comprised of a series of blocks, which can be slotted together to create the desired layout of a home. Various accessories and add-ons can also be attached to the exterior façade of each home. Each Tetris House is built by placing the blocks (each of which contains a room) side by side, or one on top of another. This style of building is very reminiscent of shipping container architecture, though no containers were actually used.


This method of constructing a home means that the residents have complete freedom in choosing the layout that works best for them. The blocks feature a steel structure, and come with strips on the façades that allow for the attachment of balconies, shutters, and such. While the architects envisioned the homes to stay as they are once they are constructed, the possibility to move the elements and re-stack them in a different order does exist, and can be done with relative ease by using a crane.


A standard Tetris House measures 1,884 sq ft (175 sq m), though they can be made either bigger or smaller, due to the modular nature of the construction process. According to the architects, they will offer the units for a price below the average local price per square meter, since they are so simple to construct.


The firm has finalized the design, and they are ready to produce and construct the first home. While they plan to make the homes self-sufficient as far as energy use goes, they have not yet gone into detail on exactly how they will achieve this.



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