Modular Homes Offer Additional Use of Land Near Downtown Colorado Springs

Image via Christian Murdock of The Gazette

A Boulder, Colorado-based land developer has found an unusual way to offer a solution to a growing land-use problem in downtown Colorado Springs.

Newton owns about a half acre of property, where he has installed five factory-built modular homes near Kiowa and El Paso streets. There is a sixth home expected to be delivered soon as well.

The six housing units consist of two duplexes and two single structures, which will be available for rent in May. Newton’s plan is to develop more space in an aging neighborhood, where residents would rather live in a home as opposed to a multi-story residential building, which he had originally proposed to put on the site. A building like that would also clash with the classic Victorian-style homes in the area, so a group of small pre-fabricated homes was a more reasonable alternative that offers extra space without compromising comfort or aesthetics.

The project tackles a few issues such as the need for urban planning, increased traffic in the downtown area, and utilizing an older part of town for housing rather than adding more along the city outskirts.

Image via Christian Murdock of The Gazette

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