Modular Products from Reclaimed Wood: Pop-Up Office

Try these designs out for your next demonstration of recycling stewardship

Using reclaimed wood to deign modern office designs must incorporate mobility, adaptability and flexibility.

The POP-UP OFFICE, designed by DUBBELDAM Architecture + Design, provides an excellent example of this approach. This installation uses modular units that can be combined in many different ways.

Built out of reclaimed wood palette boards, separate modules collectively form the modern work place, facilitating both individual work and collaboration. Our designers claim the result is a workspace that is simultaneously bare bones and tailored to the individual. In sinuous forms, the reclaimed boards morph from wall and floor planes into furniture elements.

The possibilities are endless; easily transported, reconfigurable and rapidly deployed, the POP-UP OFFICE itself morphs in conjunction with workplace needs.

DUBBELDAM Architecture + Design is a multidisciplinary design studio based in Toronto. Founded by architect Heather Dubbeldam, the studio’s design process is characterized by teamwork and intensive collaborative exchange, resulting in projects demonstrating a conceptual clarity and crafted with a meticulous attention to detail and materials.

Source: Pop-up Office



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