Moog Construction track loader automates solar panel delivery on site

Moog autonomous solar machine

Large-scale solar sites are typically built in remote areas, and involve the delivery of thousands of pallets. The delivery process today is a repetitive, critical task that can cause delays and non-productive time on site. This is why autonomous equipment for large-scale solar site constriction is on the rise.

Just in the last few weeks we’ve seen autonomous equipment to do everything from moving panels and piles around the site to driving those piles in and lifting and placing those panels onto the rack.

At CONEXPO 2023, Moog Construction demonstrated an autonomous compact track loader that helped deliver solar panels at a U.S. utility-scale solar energy site.

Moog says its Collaborative Robots are unique in the market because they leverage Moog’s expertise with motion control and safety-critical systems to work with people in challenging construction environments. This approach expands the potential uses for robotics in construction and helps construction companies reduce project delays and budget overruns in the field.

“We’re helping to bring increased productivity and predictability to the job site with our collaborative robotic solutions,” said Dave Chaves, director of Autonomy & Robotics for Moog Construction. “Robotics are relatively new to some construction applications and environments, and we’re focused on making the adoption of these valuable solutions easy for our customers. We offer customers a turnkey approach to apply the right solution to their project and help them get it operational on site.”

— Solar Builder magazine



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