Multi Volume Boxes That Can Instantly Transform Any Room Into an Apartment


Wouldn’t it be great to have a whole apartment at the snap of your fingers? Turns out you can, sort of. The Portugal-based design firm OODA has come up with innovative, unique free standing volumes, which can turn any room into a home, and can be folded down into a box for transport. OODA has recently transformed derelict buildings in the city of Porto into affordable accommodations for tourists and seasonal foreign students, by using these volumes.

It sounds very futuristic, but these boxes open up to reveal a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, office, and storage space. And each of these spaces can be stowed away when not needed. The inner skeleton of these boxes is constructed using a light steel structure, while cement fiber board panels and fiber glass panels are used to line the interior side. The exterior, perforated envelope is made of Valcromat.

These transformer modules can be custom made to contain an array of different functional elements, depending on the occupants needs. They can also be installed individually or in groups depending on available space and the project’s needs. They are also available in a variety of shapes and colors.


OODA is currently using these modular boxes to renovate a 16-unit LOIOS development in the center of Porto , the aim of which is to provide affordable housing for the new generation, without sacrificing the traditional look of the building where the units will be located. Each of these studio apartments is fitted with one of these transformer boxes, and the perforated exterior blends well with the traditional tiles of Portuguese architecture.







It is unclear whether OODA will ever begin offering these boxes separately, but given their superb usefulness I, for one, think they should. They can literally make any small space into a home instantly and thereby provide affordable housing to a variety of individuals.

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