Narrow Yet Spacious Home


With urban building space growing scarcer and scarcer it’s nice to see some modern solutions to the problem. The Japanese architecture firm YUAA Architects recently designed the so-called 1.8 M House, which fits on a lot that’s just 8′-4″ (2.5 meters) wide and 36′-1″ (11 meters) deep. This yields an interior space of 6 feet or 1.8 meters, which is how the home got its name.

The 1.8 M House is basically located in an urban space where an adult can stretch his or her arms out to the sides and feel the buildings bordering it. The architects did a great job of making use of this small space to build this 865 square foot house (80.42 square meters) and make it seem much more spacious than it actually is. This was also achieved by fitting the home with large windows, which let in plenty of light and gives the psychological perception of openness.


This project defines a house as an aggregation of small places, and the architects created a home where these small places are located on various levels. The result is a house with floating floors in a long and narrow space, which offers the residents privacy while still being open and cozy. Given the narrowness of the home, a lot of emphasis was put on keeping the interiors open, both in terms of few walls, and by choosing materials and textures, which are not clunky.




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