New from CPS America: 1,500-volt inverters, communication interface, turn-key storage solution

CPS America

CPS America announced several updates to note within its product and service offering at Intersolar North America.

1500V 100kW and 125kW String Inverters.  Shipping now with UL certifications for customers in America, these inverters come in two architecture options: centralized or distributed array configurations. CPS provides two types of wire-boxes, each optimized for either architecture approach. The design flexibility enables customers to optimize the best arrangement for each project.

50-60kW Update to support 55kVA and 66kVA. With over 600 MW shipped in America, this is the most popular product for CPS in the U.S. The key is kVA capacity improvements that utilities are asking for without sacrificing real power output that generates project cashflow.

Data Communications and Controls – Flex Gateway. This is the new communications interface that CPS says will reduce service truck-rolls by enabling inverter diagnostics, remote firmware updates and unit operational settings such as power factor.

Chint Storage ESS Solution. Intersolar was the first chance to see the company’s 30 kW to 90 kWh turn-key storage offering. This is a modular solution focused on demand charge reduction, load-shifting and self-consumption that will include vertically integrated supply chain from Chint Group – proprietary lithium ion batteries and storage inverter made by CPS integrated into an ESS solution assembled in operations in the U.S.

Astronergy PV Panels. This Bloomberg Tier 1 Supplier has 2.5 GW capacity from factories worldwide which you can now buy along with CPS inverters from one supplier.

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