New solar factory in Mississippi to produce 300 MW a year for Seraphim

Seraphim Solar SystemSeraphim Solar Manufacturing USA says its new solar factory in Jackson, Miss., is scheduled to commence trial operation. The plant, which will be completed in two phases, will produce a minimum of 300 MW a year. The first phase will begin formal manufacturing and operation in November, with an anticipated expanded production capacity of 1 GW within the next 3 years.

Equipped with the most intelligent automated production line in the industry, the Seraphim USA manufacturing plant is able to produce the most efficient modules in the world. Modules developed by Seraphim can meet all of the diverse needs of North American customers, including DuraFlex modules able to bear up to 8000 Pa mechanical load, intellectual modules with integrated “smart” technology, “EzBox” configured with three junction boxes, and Twin-Glass modules applicable to specialized roof projects.

“Solar energy has become the leading source of renewable energy globally, creating a strong 20 year cycle of growth for our company,” explained Justin Xi, the Global Executive GM of Seraphim. “We are extremely excited that customers in the United States can now utilize the most trusted products that other countries around the world have relied on: Seraphim products.”

While the Seraphim USA plant is finalizing construction, the third plant of Seraphim Changzhou (China) will also commence operation of new increased capacity to 1.1 GW totally in China. Consistent high demand for its proprietary products has required Seraphim to rapidly upgrade its production capacity into most major countries.

Justin Xi says, “Building this plant in the USA is one of many steps to Seraphim’s aggressive global strategy. We are continuing to expand in order to meet the increasing global demand for our products.”

In just five years of development; Seraphim has aggressively expanded its distribution network into ten major countries, including the U.K., Germany, and Japan. Seraphim products have been widely applied and proven in 30 countries – in both the most demanding commercial and residential projects, within the most difficult conditions and environmental challenges.

Seraphim is the first module manufacturer to pass the most stringent test in the industry to determine true long-term performance and safety: the TUV SUD ‘Thresher’ test. Also the world’s 1st manufacturer to pass the TUV SUD on-site Power Measurement Validation program, to guarantee the modules true power output. Photon Laboratory, one of the most trusted and rigorous testing laboratories in the industry, has consistently graded Seraphim in the top of their yield measurement analysis since 2012.

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