New SolarEdge optimizers support higher wattage solar panels, more modules per optimizer

Residential Power Optimizers

The new P401 power optimizer that connects to high power 60/72-cell modules up to 400W and 11.75A short circuit current.

SolarEdge is expanding its power optimizer portfolio with options to reduce install time (doing more with fewer components) and accomodate higher module powers. Here’s the details sent our way:

• The new multi-input M1600 power optimizer for ground-mount installations has two MPP trackers, connected to four panels in multiples of two rows. The M1600 reduces installation time by halving the amount of power optimizers required, without compromising the optimization level.  This new power optimizer reduces cabling by supporting longer strings of up to 17 kW.

• The new P801 power optimizer for 72-cell modules is a solution for serial arrays, enableing the connection to 2 x 72-cell modules rated at up to 800 W.

• On the residential side, the new P401 power optimizer connects to high power 60/72-cell modules up to 400 W and 11.75A short circuit current. In addition, the maximum short circuit of the, P405, and P485 power optimizers have been increased to 11A, supporting modules requiring higher input currents.

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— Solar Builder magazine



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