NY car dealership adds microgrid, energy storage system to aid EV charging

Energy Toolbase, Socomec Sprocket Power microgrid energy storage ESS

The Vail Buick GMC dealership in Bedford Hills, New York, has added an energy storage system (ESS) to aid EV charging abilities while reducing energy costs.

The expansive car dealership in eastern New York tapped Energy Toolbase, Socomec and Sprocket Power to deploy the ESS to provide microgrid capabilities, reduce demand charges, and participate in the state’s demand response programs. Sprocket Power spearheaded the installation of a 100 kW / 186 kWh energy storage system at the dealership. The system, equipped with a Socomec HES L unit integrated with Energy Toolbase’s Acumen EMS controls software, complements the dealership’s existing solar infrastructure.

Historically, New York’s grid has encountered significant strain, prompting the strategic decision to incorporate solar energy storage to support EV chargers installed at the dealership. To mitigate costs, the deployed system will actively supply capacity during the EV fast-charging operation to avoid utility demand charges and participate in demand response programs.

By enrolling in programs like Con Edison’s Commercial System Relief Program (CSRP) and New York State Energy Research and Development Authority’s Distribution Load Relief Program (DLRP), the dealership aims to support the grid by optimizing electricity consumption during peak periods and reducing electric costs in wholesale markets, ultimately leading to reduced retail rates. Acumen EMS allows participation in these grid service demand response programs through scheduled commands on the ETB Monitor platform.

“Energy Toolbase is proud to be able to provide a solution that enables developers to leverage our Acumen EMS controls to augment value by enrolling in programs like ConEd’s CSRP. We are happy knowing that our solutions will help the end customer achieve substantive savings,” said Scott D’Ambrosio, VP of sales at Energy Toolbase.

The system includes microgrid islanding capabilities through Socomec’s HES L unit and Energy Toolbase’s controls software, powering on-site computer servers and executing demand charge management to reduce monthly costs for the customer. Through the islanded microgrid, the dealership will be able to power the EV charging stations, ensuring electric vehicles can charge at the dealership in the event of a grid outage.

“As auto dealers adopt EV charging at their facilities, they face challenges in controlling energy costs. We are pleased to employ the powerful tools offered by Energy Toolbase and Socomec to empower the Vail Buick site to benefit from NY State’s increasingly dynamic energy markets,” said Dennis Quinn, president and cofounder of Sprocket Power. “The result achieves the business’s goals by creating cost control, revenue creation, and resiliency during power outages. A terrific outcome.”

— Solar Builder magazine

[source: https://solarbuildermag.com/projects/ny-car-dealership-adds-microgrid-energy-storage-aid-ev-charging/]


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