Off-The-Grid Trailer Tiny Home


Few tiny mobile homes are as sustainable as the ones made by the Austrian firm Wohnwagon. It specializes in constructing trailer homes, which can function completely off-the-grid. They make great vacation homes, offices, guest houses, or even full-time residences.


A Wohnwagon measures 269 sq ft (25 sq m), with the exterior dimensions of 32.8 x 8.2 ft (10 x 2.5 m), and the company has so far built five of them since starting in 2013. They also come with a 9.8 x 6.6 ft (3 x 2 m) extra expandable section, and they were all constructed using only natural and recycled materials.

The exterior shell is made of larch wood, while the interior is lined with spruce or wood-fiber panels and clay plaster. Sheep’s wool was used for insulation, as it is capable of regulating both the temperature as well as the humidity.




The trailers also feature an array of green technologies to make them operable off-the-grid. They have a rooftop mounted four panel solar PV array with a peak output of 1.2 kW. The energy that is not used in the daily running of the trailer is stored in a 6 kWh battery-system, which is located under the floor. Energy must be used sparingly, but the entire system yields enough for comfortable living.



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