OneRoof Energy Partners with One Block Off the Grid for Financing

OneRoof Energy, Inc., one of the nation’s fastest growing solar finance providers, was selected by One Block Off the Grid (1BOG) to provide solar lease financing for their rapidly expanding residential solar customer base. With the shortest sales cycle in the solar industry, 1BOG has become a powerful channel for solar providers to reach new customers, educate them, and build trust that leads to better closing rates. Over the next few months, the new partnership will expand the range of residential solar financing options available to homeowners in California, Arizona and Hawaii.

oneroofThe recent partnership couples 1BOG’s well-recognized solar customer acquisition platform with the success of OneRoof Energy’s SolarSelect leasing program, which provides homeowners with flexible financing options that remove the prohibitive capital investment required to purchase solar electric systems. 1BOG’s explosive growth and unique online solar broker model will allow OneRoof Energy to reach greater numbers of American homeowners.

“Since 2001 the average retail price of electricity has gone up 35 percent while the cost of solar has fallen by over 60 percent, according to The Solar Energies Industry Association. People are beginning to view third party owned solar as a means to effectively refinance their electric bills with no out-of-pocket cost,” states OneRoof Energy Chief Executive, David Field.

For homeowners, the process is simple. They can become a member for free at and will be quickly contacted by an independent solar consultant to walk through a simple qualification process that includes checking the roof for size, position, and shading via satellite imagery. If solar is a viable option for them, the next step is to set up a time for a more detailed session where they will be presented with solar options. All of this is free and done virtually.

“Through 1BOG and our other online properties like Cooler Planet, we are able to reach people nationwide at their convenience, without pressure or hassle,” said Ousman Bah, Managing Director of 1BOG. “We’re looking forward to introducing OneRoof to new customers while we continue our work to advise people to go solar so that they can save money while also saving the planet.”

— Solar Builder magazine


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