Origami Inspired Furniture Ideal For Small Spaces


Downsizing makes a lot of sense from an economic and sustainability point of view, but finding the right furniture, namely such that is functional without taking up a lot of room, is usually not so easy. Which is why the Cut&Fold furniture created by Andrea Kordos and Tony Round of blackLAB architects is so awesome. They created a line of furniture made of plywood, which can be folded up to save space. Their current line is made up of an origami-inspired chair and a flip-up shelf with optional light.

The so-called Origami Chair, is a slightly rounded, retro-inspired piece made from CNC-milled plywood. The designers chose this material because it is pliant and can offer some contouring to the person sitting down. It can also be folded up into a very small package for storage. The plywood shell of the chair rests on a unique, and aesthetically pleasing steel frame. The chairs are available in 4 different finishes, namely natural walnut veneer and three bright, solid-color laminates.



The second item, called the Flip Shelf can be used as a companion piece for the chair, or on its own as a hall table, a nightstand, and more. It is made from three plywood planes and needs to be attached to the wall. It is also available in the same colors as the chair.




The designers have developed a special technique for creating this furniture, which involves fixing sheets of plywood together with piano hinges in a way that can be easily folded up or taken apart.

These items are easy to make, and can also be shipped very affordably since they can be folded up. The designers recently ran a successful Kickstarter campaign and the fund they raised will go toward production of these pieces and exhibiting them at the 2015 Interior Design Show in Toronto.

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