Panasonic to launch a complete solar + storage residential solution at Solar Power International


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Panasonic HIT modules have always been among the most efficient solar panels available. Now Panasonic’s new battery storage system helps solar contractors offer homeowners a complete solar + storage solution from the solar power pioneer. That’s right. Panasonic lithium-ion battery technology powers the world’s most advanced electric cars and is now available to power your customers’ homes. Panasonic intelligent battery storage systems collect and store the excess energy HIT panels generate during the day for instant access during peak hours and grid outages.

Help homeowners get the most from their Panasonic PV systems while increasing sales on every project. If you’re looking to offer homeowners a complete premium solar + storage system, Panasonic has the products and support to help build your business the right way.

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Also, Panasonic has a complete AC module warranty

In a move that streamlines the warranty claims process, Panasonic Life Solutions Company of America is expanding its 25-year warranty to cover comprehensive performance and labor on all Panasonic AC modules, in addition to the 25-year microinverter warranty provided by Enphase. With this offering, homeowners no longer need to decide whether to contact Panasonic or Enphase if a situation requires a claim on the module or microinverter. This new benefit is available exclusively to authorized and premium Panasonic installers and also covers the labor for qualified installers.

“Panasonic is committed to providing the absolute best customer service for homeowners, and a key facet of this offering is a simple and easy warranty claims experience. It both makes our customers’ lives easier, as well as our valued installers’ jobs more efficient,” said Mukesh Sethi, general manager of the Solar and Storage Division, Panasonic Solar Group.

Panasonic’s 25-year warranty offers a product guarantee more than twice the length of many of its industry peers, as well as guarantees 91 percent of rated power over the term of the warranty.

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