Phono Solar tests into top tier of DNV GL’s PV Module Reliability Scorecard

Phono Solar, a global provider of integrated solar solutions, qualified as one of two module manufacturers to score top-tier results in DNV GL’s second PV Module Reliability Scorecard Report. DNV GL is a global leader in testing and qualification of solar PV modules, among other technologies.

The DNV GL reliability scorecard provides an independent third-party baseline for investors, independent power producers, developers and financial institutions to execute effective procurement activities. Phono Solar excelled against all five major factors affecting module reliability over time; including thermal cycling, dynamic mechanical load, damp heat, humidity freeze and PID (potential induced degradation).

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“Through our Product Qualification Program, Phono Solar has achieved excellent results and we congratulate them,” said Jenya Meydbray, Vice President Strategy and Business Development at DNV GL. “Our PQP allows over 150 Downstream Partners to gain access to third-party test results for PV modules, inverters and storage systems.”

Phono Solar

Phono Solar’s engineering team sources high caliber materials and components during the module design phase. Module samples are continuously tested at Phono Solar’s Testing Center—undergoing 36 quality control tests. The Testing Center features various types of equipment, conducting tests for product certifications, material reliability and in-depth research for Phono Solar’s continuous product improvement. In addition to its rigorous testing process, Phono Solar provides its international customers comprehensive warranty terms and third-party insurance.

— Solar Builder magazine


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