Pivot Energy develops onsite-offsite solar deal for affordable housing complex in Denver


National commercial and community solar provider Pivot Energy is developing a little bit of both for an affordable housing complex being built by nonprofit Mile High Ministries. Pivot is investing $100,000 in a 50 kW onsite solar array and providing a 196 kW community solar subscription for the Clara Brown Commons (CBC).

Mile High Ministries is constructing CBC in a northeast Denver neighborhood that borders some of the most highly contaminated populated environments in the nation. This new development complex is an excellent example of local citizens uniting to address an extensive history of environmental negligence.

“I am overjoyed to be a part of this community-led initiative,” said Tom Hunt, Chief Executive Officer at Pivot Energy. “We’ve listened to the needs of these northeast Denver communities and are optimistic that this clean energy initiative will help address the poor air quality in their neighborhoods.“

The onsite PV system will generate roughly 94,000 kWh of electricity each year, an amount equivalent to burning 73,705 pounds of coal, which would produce 66 megatons of carbon dioxide emissions. The energy from this solar array and community solar agreement will help offset CBC’s electricity usage, reducing the reliance on fossil fuels for 61 apartments, 17 townhomes, and shared gathering spaces.

Clara Brown Commons gets its name from “Aunt Clara” Brown, a Colorado pioneer, entrepreneur, and philanthropist who spent her life and a modest fortune caring for those in need; in addition to caring for sick and injured miners, Clara paid for former slaves, such as herself, to relocate to Colorado, attend college, and start new lives. Drawing inspiration from Clara’s legacy of compassion, generosity, and neighborly love, CBC will welcome Denver residents into affordable homes and a supportive community, while connecting them to valuable local resources, transit, schools, and activities.

“We are thrilled that Pivot Energy understands the importance of this ambitious project,” said Jeff Johnsen, Executive Director at Mile High Ministries. “Their contributions will not only help us mitigate the environmental impact of our new complex, but more importantly will provide those in need with access to affordable, clean energy, and the knowledge that they are included in the global fight against climate change.”

— Solar Builder magazine

[source: https://solarbuildermag.com/news/pivot-energy-develops-onsite-offsite-solar-deal-for-affordable-housing-complex-in-denver/]






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