Product of the Week: Ultimate All-in-One Whole-Home Backup Power Solution

Mango Power M
Mango Power

The Mango Power M is designed to meet all your home/commercial power needs. It includes a hybrid Inverter, ATS, AGS, RSD Transmitter, and 2 Breakers, compatible with both existing and new installations of solar systems without requiring any extra boxes. In addition to solar, other charging inputs (grid, generator and EV) are also supported without the need for any extra purchases or complex wiring. With all accessories pre-built, Mango Power M is much easier to install compared to other solutions, with the whole system installed in less than 4 hours. It uses best-in-class LFP battery technology from CATL, guaranteed to be safe with a 20-year lifespan and a 10-year warranty. With a battery capacity range of 15-80kWh and an AC output range of 12-120kW, Mango Power M effortlessly supports all high-wattage appliances, including HVAC systems, easily helping you realize power independence in daily life.

Mango Power M Key Features:

Mango M Power Key Features

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