Proposal for Foldout Shelter


The Italian firm Barberio Colella ARC has recently proposed the so-called Just a Minute shelter, which is primarily aimed at providing adequate living conditions to the people of Nepal following the devastating earthquake that struck the area in the beginning of this year. It is a great concept and is very easy to construct, though there are no plans to start manufacturing it. However, with the refugee crisis mounting in Europe, the need for such shelters is great.

The Just a Minute shelter is basically an expandable, foldout structure, which is very easy to transport. During transport, the structure would measure just 8.2 x 13 ft (2.5 x 4 m) but once erected on site, the shelter would measure 13 x 38 ft (4 x 11.7 m) which is enough to shelter up to ten people. The set up process is also very simple, since all it involves is the pulling out of the side sections and expanding it.


The central frame of the shelter is made of solid oriented strand boards. The central part of the structure houses the bathroom and kitchen, while the living and sleeping areas are located to either side of this space. The frame of the latter two sections is made from bamboo, and the entire shelter would be covered by a waterproof membrane.


The structure would also be insulated using layers of burlap, which would be stuffed with donated and disused woolen clothing. The shelter would also be self-sufficient in terms of power and water. A rooftop mounted solar panel array would provide enough electricity to power small devices and lights, while a rainwater collection system (also mounted on the roof) would provide enough water for basic needs.

Durability of the structure and whether the insulation is adequate are two main concerns with this shelter proposal. Judging from the plans, it might be better suited to temperate climates, but as a temporary shelter it would most likely do the job just fine.



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