Quick Mount PV debuts Tile Replacement Mount

Quick Mount PV just introduced a new product for tile roof solar installations: the Tile Replacement Mount. Installing solar on tile roofs can be difficult and time-consuming. Quick Mount’s Tile Replacement Mount provides a fast and easy way to install solar on tile roofs while protecting against water intrusion.

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The Tile Replacement Mount eliminates messy and time-consuming tile grinding and cutting to significantly reduce installation time and labor costs. The new mount works with all standard curved and flat tile roofs, as well as all standard rail-based racking systems. The Tile Replacement Mount is fully engineered to meet code requirements and industry best practices, and features Quick Mount’s patented Elevated Water Seal technology for superior waterproofing.

“We saw a need in the marketplace for a simple and efficient method to mount solar on tile without compromising waterproofing or code requirements,” said Quick Mount PV CEO Claudia Wentworth.

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“The Tile Replacement Mount is really innovative – it not only makes installs go much faster, but also creates spare tiles on the job,” said Dean Rafaat, owner of Wired into the Future Solar, a solar installer based in Pleasant Hill, California. “Because there’s no tile grinding or cutting necessary, it really reduces our installation time. We just measure out the roof, put the mounts in, replace the tiles and start laying modules. And the stress relief of having extra tiles is priceless!”

The Tile Replacement Mount features a universal base mount, which works with all three flashing profiles: Flat tile, S-shaped, and W-shaped curved tiles. To offer installers and distributors cost effective stocking and packaging flexibility, the universal base mount is sold separately from the flashings and posts.

The Tile Replacement Mount is 100 percent IBC compliant and comes with a 20-year warranty. For more information, visit the Quick Mount PV website.

— Solar Builder magazine

[source: http://solarbuildermag.com/featured/mounting-solutions-guide/quick-mount-pv-debuts-tile-replacement-mount/]


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