RealX, Land Broker Co-op teaming to ease property rights transactions for landowners, solar developers

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RealX is the largest online property rights exchange in the country to help landowners generate income from their land by easily connecting them with the leading companies in energy, communications, building materials and others. RealX announced that it is teaming with the Land Broker Co-op on a turnkey solution to help its 16,000 land-focused real estate agents pursue property rights transactions, such as leasing land for solar.

“RealX has organized and modernized a highly-fragmented multi-billion-dollar marketplace,” said Dan Murphy, President of the Co-op. “They are providing a vehicle for agents and their landowner clients to proactively market their properties directly to the buyers within each vertical, giving themselves the best opportunity to unlock additional income. No longer are landowners stuck waiting for a deal to come to them without professional assistance. Co-op agents and their clients will be the best positioned to lease their land for renewable energy as the boom continues.”

“Our goal is to unlock the value of every property for both the landowner and the company leasing the property. Energy companies on the exchange can search, compare, and connect to landowners and their agents in just a few clicks – no more cold calls, postcards, or knocks on the door. We build trust, transparency and control into what was once a complicated and opaque process,” said Luke Glass, CEO of RealX.

RealX has experienced an average month-over-month user growth rate of 51% this year, achieved throughout the pandemic. In addition, the Co-op’s website, has been the land industry’s fastest growing land website since the Co-op was founded in 2018. Glass expects Co-op agents will register millions of acres across the U.S. in the RealX exchange, becoming the top agents in the country transacting property rights.

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