Scalable Off-Grid Eco Cabin


Echo Living, a company from the UK, has recently unveiled a new small cabin design, which can be scaled up into a full sized residence. Besides being great to look at, it is also completely off-gird, and all around eco-friendly and green. The cabin, which is called Wave due to it’s slightly curved exterior, features beautiful Red Cedar cladding and a very modern interior design. The basic unit is ideal as a vacation cabin, though it could also be a full time home, guest house, or a studio.


The Wave measures 17.4 x 10.5 ft (5.3 x 3.2 m) and has a livable area of 134.5 sq ft (12.5 sq m). This is just the basic unit though, since the Wave was designed to be scalable. As such it can be extended both lengthwise and in width, offering the possibility to make these eco homes much bigger and more spacious. The final layout of the home can also be wholly decided on by the owner. The units can be equipped with a kitchen shower, wood burner, and double bed, and are spacious enough to accommodate two people.



Each Wave is hand-made in the Echo Living workshop in Scotland, then transported to the building site. According to the company, it can be placed in a wide range of terrains, since the construction requires very little groundwork. Each cabin has adjustable feet made of galvanized steel, which are secured in place by pre-made concrete pads to keep the cabin in place. As such the cabin also have a very small impact on the environment.

Once the cabin is erected the photovoltaic panels, which are integrated into the brise soleil, are connected to the battery array. The cabin features a wood burning stove, which is used for heating.

The Wave is also built from the ground up with sustainability in mind. The walls are made of Nordpan Spruce 3-ply CLT panels, breathable Bitroc sheathing board, and a Solitex exterior membrane. Vivix architectural panels were used for the side and front walls. For insulation, sheep wool was used.



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