Schneider Electric Conext meets rigorous Hawaiian requirements

Schneider Electric Conext

Schneider Electric Solar Business says its Conext XW+ 6848NA meets Hawaiian Electric Companies’ (HECO) rigorous “ultra-fast trip” Transient Over-Voltage (TrOV-2) and Frequency and Voltage Ride-Through (FVRT) requirements and is approved for both grid-tied net metered PV systems and grid connected zero export (self-consumption) PV systems.

The Conext XW+ 6848NA battery-based inverter/charger is now listed on HECO’s qualified inverter manufacturer and equipment list.

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”Hawaii has the highest concentration of solar in the United States and is the model for what we are likely going to adopt in the rest of the United States in the not so distant future,” said David Norman, Director of Business Development, North America. “PV systems with energy storage are the present and the future in Hawaii. Schneider Electric has over 25 years of experience developing cutting edge inverter solutions that utilize energy storage, and our Conext XW+ system is the most advanced and easy to use hybrid system on the market. We are very pleased that we are certified by HECO for use in Hawaii and excited to play our part in improving the reliability of the utility grid and helping Hawaii reach their goal of 100% renewable energy by 2045.”

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— Solar Builder magazine



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