Self-Healing Furniture


Making furniture out of repurposed and salvaged wood is a very eco idea, but it is not without its own set of challenges. One of the biggest is the need to repair these pieces of wood, which are often not in very good shape. As such, making larger pieces of furniture out of them is not easy. But the German design firm Manufract has come up with an ingenious solution to this problem. And it’s both beautiful and natural.

Nature has its own way of healing and thereby ensuring that trees retain their integrity, and the designers applied this concept to the furniture they make. Namely, a tree will release extra resin to heal the damage done to the wood. The firm applied this same concept to their furniture, which they make out of salvaged wood that has been healed with bio-resins.


To make the furniture, they first use eco-resin to fill in the broken pieces of wood, giving the final products a unique shape and texture. In this way, the otherwise blemished parts of the wood used actually become an aesthetic advantage. Instead of hiding the problem areas, they turn them into a design element, which in the case of the dining table, for example, makes it seem like the wood is filled in with ice.

They also make a line of shelves, which were fixed and filled in with an amber colored resin. So, in addition to looking very modern and unique, this also has the added design advantage of casting golden colored light onto the wall behind it.


This is definitely a unique approach to making eco furniture out of salvaged and repurposed wood, and one that makes this practice even more sustainable.



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