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There are lots of solar projects on the horizon. Let’s dive into the data. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, utility-scale solar capacity will increase more than 60 percent between the end of 2014 and the end of 2016, with about half of this new capacity being built in California. On the home front, the global market for grid-connected residential photovoltaic solar installations coupled with energy storage is predicted to grow tenfold to reach more than 900 MW by 2018, up from just 90 MW in 2014, according to a new analysis from IHS Technology.


Speaking of craft beer and projects of the year, Stone Brewing (makers of Arrogant Bastard) won our 2014 Roof-Mount Project.

As we mentioned, there are lots of solar projects on the horizon, but only a few will be defined as innovative. So, what project defines your innovation as a contractor, homeowner or utility? We want to hear about it. We want to hear how you built it, who you built it with, what technology was used and how innovation helped engineer it all together. Take our lead-in news feature for example. It includes two of the things we love to write and read about — craft beer and innovative solar construction. New Belgium Brewing Co. recently partnered with Boulder, Colo.-based Namasté Solar to add an additional 96.525 kW of photovoltaic solar paneling at its Fort Collins facility. The new system will be in addition to 870 panels New Belgium installed in 2009 and will bring total onsite solar production to 4.5 percent of the brewery’s total electrical need. Read all about the project’s innovative ins and outs on page 8.

North America produces feel-good solar stories like that nearly every day. We’re honored at Solar Builder to shine a light on these special projects, but especially in our November/December issue, which contains our Projects of the Year. Projects of the Year submissions are due early (Aug. 23, 2015) as we aim to present those honors at Solar Power International (visit us online — — for details), but we want to hear about your innovative projects throughout the year. So once you secure that solar contract, plan that project and execute it like a boss, e-mail me the details (info below).

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