Seraphim with a new 166 mm half-cut bifacial solar PV module


Jiangsu Seraphim Solar System Co., Ltd. (Seraphim), a world-class solar product manufacturer in China, rolled out its new 166 mm half-cut cell module on April 22, redefining a new generation of photovoltaic (PV) modules combining 166 mm-size silicon wafers with multi-busbar (MBB) and half-cut cell technology.

According to Seraphim, the new 166 mm half-cut cell module has an efficiency of 20 percent and a maximum power output of 445 W.

The MBB technology enhances the cell’s performance, while the half-cut cell technology reduces mismatches, internal power losses, cracking, and hot spots, improving the overall conversion efficiency by more than five percent.

Bifacial improvements

Seraphim managed to improve the module bifaciality rate up to 70 ± 5 percent, resulting in a theoretical maximum power of 579 W, which can significantly reduce a project’s LCOE.

Under different ground conditions, the bifacial 166 mm half-cut cell module can increase electricity output by 10 percent to 30 percent compared to the single-array module (2-7 percent more generation on asphalt ground, 5-10 percent more generation on lawn, and 10-30 percent more generation on aluminum foil).

Compared to ordinary modules, Seraphim says the new 166mm half-cut cell module can save at least five percent of the cost per watt in projects above 1 MW. It is expected to be a strong competitor in the power market.

— Solar Builder magazine




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