Shipping Container Apartment Complex Going up in Texas


About 75 miles north of Houston, TX, a large shipping container apartment unit is currently under construction. The complex is called Cube Square and is located within walking distance of Sam Houston State University. The apartment units were created with student housing in mind, but they will be available to anyone who wishes to rent one.



Each unit will measure 540 square feet, and will contain a kitchen, living area, dining area, sleeping area, as well as a full-size walk in closet, and a bathroom with a full-sized bathtub. The complex was designed by Jack Wagamon and his sister Tina Felder, who are also building it. They drew inspiration from tiny home projects and other conversions of shipping containers into homes, which they came across online.


The finished complex will be four stories high and feature three buildings. They used 36 recycled shipping containers to construct it and it will yield 24 apartment units. There is no word yet on what the rent will be.



The structure stands atop concrete pilings with shipping containers stacked one atop another four stories high. Each apartment unit seems to be enclosed within a single shipping container. The shorter sides of the containers were cut off, and replaced by large floor to ceiling windows to let in plenty of natural daylight and aid ventilation. The original metal sides were then used to construct a balcony on one side of the unit.


The exterior of the building will be left in the original state, making it readily apparent that the complex is made out of shipping containers. Since the units are still under construction, it is not yet clear how the interior will be laid out and furnished.


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