Shower That Heats and Recycles Water


Space technology has brought us many living improvements, and the latest is the so-called Shower of the Future, which was designed by the company Orbital Systems. This shower is capable of recycling water used for showering, while also heating it in the process. It is a leap forward from other water and heat saving showers, and worth a look.

The Shower of the Future is based on the technology that is used on spacecraft, and works on a closed-loop water system. Because of this it only needs 1.3 gallons (5 liters) of water to function, which is about one tenth less than classic showers need. After the first use, the water is collected from the drain, filtered and purified, and fed back into the in-flow tank to be reused. Apart from the water savings, the shower is also capable of saving more than 80% in energy consumption, since there is no need to reheat the water each time you take a shower.


This system is definitely better thought out than the other low flow and self-heating showers available, but it also carries a much heftier price tag. The Shower of the Future costs around $ 4412 (€ 3995). The whole system is installed into the floor of the bathroom, so unless it’s installed into a new building, there is also the bathroom remodel cost involved. However, Orbital Systems estimate that this shower can save $ 1,100 a year in electricity, as well as thousands of gallons of water, especially if used by a large household.

The Shower of the Future is also one of the finalists in this year’s INDEX: Design to Improve Life awards, which seeks out the best inventions for a better and more sustainable lifestyle. Using this shower you no longer need to worry about the length of showers you take, since all of it is recycled back to be reused for the next one.

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