Simple Movable Walls Transform Tiny Apartment


Small apartments can quickly become very cramped and offer little privacy. Moveable walls go a long way towards alleviating this problem, yet they are usually large, cumbersome contraptions that take up a lot of the space they’re being used to save. Though many ingenious solutions have come on the market in recent years, this simple moveable wall designed by Elii Architects of Spain works just as well, and is much easier to operate.


The movable wall by Elii Architects has been used to transform a 312-square-feet apartment in Madrid into a dwelling that appears much more spacious as a result. The movable wall is hinged and lightweight, meaning it can easily be moved by hand. They started the transformation by first removing the existing partitions in the apartment, creating a single, open space, which can then be subdivided by the movable wall.


The kitchen and bathroom are located at the side of the apartment. There is also a fold-down table that can serve as a dining table or workspace. The bedroom features a custom made Murphy bed, which can be folded up to make more room. Since the screens that they installed to subdivide the space are hinged, they can be folded up or extended in a variety of different ways. For example, they can be used to close off the kitchen, separate the bedroom for more privacy, or create a guest room. To make them blend in better, the entire apartment is crisscrossed with lines that match those of the screen wall’s frame. This adds a very modern, futuristic even, aesthetic to the apartment.



The system is more of a screen than an actual wall, meaning that the separations do not create as much privacy as a more solid solution would. They do however have the benefit of being easy to operate. They are also unobtrusive and take up very little room. This is a clear advantage in apartments, which are very small to begin with.



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