SMA America explains ShadeFix, its new smart PV optimization strategy

Today on The Pitch we discuss some new developments in the standardization of solar inverter communication and the impact it will have. SMA America’s Director of Marketing Brad Dore gives a brief overview of the work of the SunSpec Alliance in creating new standards for solar inverters to comply with the rapid shutdown requirements of NEC 2017 690.12. Then he explains how emerging technology certified to this standard, like SMA’s new ShadeFix, could exceed NEC 2017 in both safety and reliability.

SMA and the SunSpec Alliance will be getting more in-depth on the info in the video in a Solar Builder webinar on July 9. You can sign up for free here.

As Dore explains at the 3:30 mark:

“If you look at current model out there for traditional optimization, it’s kind of like working in four wheel drive all the time. With SMA, through the model with ShadeFix optimization in our certified shutdown device, is really more on demand four wheel drive. We’re able to eliminate the fuel penalty that you get in traditional optimization, which is constantly boosting and bucking voltage, creating heat, wear and tear, and we are able to do that selectively so you can reduce that wear and tear on a system while producing more power.”


— Solar Builder magazine



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