SMA promoting a large-scale medium voltage power station in the Americas


SMA America has launched the Medium Voltage Power Station (MVPS) to the Americas market. This solution is the first time a fully containerized, turnkey system has been offered stateside. SMA believes this is also represents the industry’s only large-scale medium voltage PV power conversion station UL 1741 listed as a complete, assembled solution, creating greater interoperability and safety assurances as well has enhancing long term value for owners. Four power classes of the new utility solution will now be available throughout the Americas with offerings up to 4.6 MW.

“We are thrilled to bring this solution to our customers in the Americas,” said Boris Wolff, executive vice president, large scale business unit for SMA Solar Technology. “The MVPS offers the most cost-effective utility solution on the market with the fastest installation and commissioning as well as the lowest lifetime cost of ownership”.

The MVPS is built upon CSC-compliant container, meeting international safety standards to provide the lowest transportation costs. All of this means the fully integrated MVPS further reduces both logistical and installation labor costs. Plus, the solution offers a full system UL 1741 certification, ensuring the safest, most reliable choice for long-term, trouble-free operation. This also represents the first medium voltage certification under UL 1741. Deployed worldwide in thousands of systems, the MVPS has proven itself as the most secure choice for centralized 1,500 VDC technology.

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“UL is happy to congratulate SMA on the certification of their Medium Voltage Power Station product,” said Scott Picco, business development manager at UL LLC. “SMA has a long history of developing new and innovative products that require expansion of existing safety requirements. UL was excited to work with SMA to certify this utility scale medium voltage solar inverter application.”

The new requirements for medium voltage inverters were developed by UL and added to UL 1741 to allow for safe and reliable power conversion products as the power ratings increase to a point that medium voltage applications are necessary to produce competitive and efficient products.

Various MVPS design features, including integrated switchgear and a hermetically sealed transformer, simplify O&M and reduce lifetime service costs. Simple integration of turnkey AC and DC coupled storage solutions from SMA allows system owners to capitalize on new revenue streams. Moreover, among all large-scale PV equipment providers, the MVPS offers the lowest risk solution. SMA provides unique risk-sharing services to manage a partner’s solar assets, including a full range of monitoring and service packages, technical support and plant-wide O&M.

The Sunny Central UP lies at the heart of the MVPS and elevates cybersecurity to shelter system owners and operators from the growing threats to system health and profitability. Meanwhile, the SMA Solar Academy’s first-level support training and industry-first Virtual Support App gives field service professionals the tools to improve service speed, minimize downtime and reduce the risk of lost revenue from service events. Maximum design flexibility and pre-sales support from SMA’s experts, including sophisticated engineering services, speed project velocity and reduce risk of costly installation delays.

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