Smart Shelter is Smart Indeed


The sustainable homebuilder NOEM from Spain has just unveiled a prefabricated home named El Refugio Inteligente, which translates to The Smart Shelter. The home is solar-powered and built with energy efficiency and sustainability in mind, while most of its features can be monitored and controlled via a smartphone.




The home was designed and prefabricated in only 9 weeks, and took 10 days to assemble on site. It is located within the Serra Espadà mountain range in the Province of Castellón, Spain. The one-story home has a floor space of 1,033 square feet (96 square meters) and it was constructed using two prefabricated wooden modules that were joined together on site. The home is insulated with 6-inch wood fiber insulation panels. The interior of The Smart Shelter features a an open plan living room and kitchen area, a bathroom, a master bedroom, and a study that can also double as a second bedroom.




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