SmartDrive Fuel Propels Fleets to Dramatic Savings in Fuel Costs and Reductions in CO2 Emissions

Guides fleets to fuel efficiency gains up to 14%, reducing fuel costs and harmful emissions

SmartDrive Systems, a leader in driving performance solutions that reduce collisions and improve fuel efficiency, announced today enhancements to its SmartDrive Fuel program. The enhancements continue to boost SmartDrive’s technology leadership in fleet safety and fuel efficiency, enabling fleets to improve fuel economy as much as 14%, and eliminate thousands of pounds of CO2 per vehicle each year.

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SmartDrive Fuel helps fleets reduce fuel waste and carbon emissions by improving driving skills and performance. By using advanced onboard video technology and services, video analysis and predictive analytics are combined to provide fleets complete insight into driving performance. With SmartDrive Fuel, these videos or “driving game films” are incorporated with real-time driver feedback, fuel reporting and integrated incentive program to arm fleets with the right driving intelligence to experience dramatic driving performance improvements and optimal fuel efficiency. Plus, by focusing on risky driving skills and hard-driving maneuvers, such as fuel inefficient acceleration, speeding and idling, fleets can immediately experience a reduction in fuel waste. To date, customers have saved over 41,000 tons of carbon emissions and continue to see dramatic savings in fuel costs.


According to Mike Matijkiw, Business Manager at AAA Mid-Atlantic, “There’s no doubt that driving skills and maneuvers impact fuel economy. SmartDrive Fuel gives us the ability to understand opportunities for fuel savings by identifying specific areas where our drivers can improve their driving skills and gives them the tools to do so.”

Highlights and enhancements of the program include:

Real time feedback for drivers – allowing drivers to self-correct instantly, and improve MPG in real time through in-cab LEDs alerting them to unsafe or fuel-wasting maneuvers as they occur.
Gamification of drivers – empowers drivers to easily engage, track and continuously improve their eco-driving skills. Drivers can view their MPG improvement, individualized performance improvement report, compare this performance to peers, and achieve awards and incentives delivered as part of the program.
Improvements through video – SmartDrive’s “Driving Game Films” have proven to be the most effective way to engage drivers in performance improvement. Now, by synchronizing fuel performance measures, such as throttle %, brake, engine load, rpm and more, with video, drivers can see exactly what the areas to focus and what driving skills and techniques need to be improved.
Fuel management and ROI – gives you a roll-up of overall fleet fuel and MPG performance. The dashboard offers fleet managers quick, comprehensive view of fleet, site and driver fuel productivity, drilling down based on key performance indicators, such as ROI for the life of the program, MPG and fuel savings as well as trends.

“One of a fleet’s biggest operating costs is fuel,” says Steve Mitgang, CEO of SmartDrive. “We’ve found that by reducing hard maneuvers, drivers could help improve fuel economy up to 14%, saving fleets as much as $2,995 per vehicle in fuel cost annually. SmartDrive Fuel gives them the resources to realize immediate fuel savings quickly and easily.”

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