Solar Distancing, ep. 1: What the heck is this?

Welcome to episode 1 of Solar Distancing with your quarantined host Chris Crowell, managing editor of Solar Builder. Solar Distancing is a reaction to our current predicament — the pandemic isn’t time to panic – it is a time to prep!

Solar Distancing will be a short series of informal but informative videos to review some of the basics of off-grid residential solar and storage / case studies of unique and interesting projects / anything else that comes to mind. We will be interviewing experts throughout the series, touching on all sorts of topics in 5 to 10 min chunks. This first one is just me awkwardly introducing this low-fi series, taking place from my dining room over the course of the next month / however long the quarantine lasts.

Hopefully this will be something fun and informative to pass some shelter-in-place time. Our first week, we will be chatting with experts from Outback Power. If you have any topic ideas or questions you’d like to throw out there, let me know at, subject: “Solar Distancing.”

Article referenced in the video:
Power Shutoff Sales Pitch

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