Solar FlexRack has a new pricing model to tell you about at Solar Power International

Solar FlexRack TDP 2 Solar Trackers with BalanceTrac installed in Georgia solar project

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With a scalable business model, low error rate, excellent solar racking products and world-class engineering team, it’s time to take another look at Solar FlexRack. The company has a new pricing model in place too, making it competitive in all the right ways.

In the year following the release of its TDP 2.0, the ISO 9001 certified company continued to examine its internal processes, focusing on areas that don’t get the headlines – stuff like tightening inventory, budget management, logistics and supply chain streamlining. Those updates continued to broaden its capabilities to serve larger clients and project sizes.

“As we continue to improve our operations, we become more efficient and cost competitive,” said Steve Daniel, EVP of sales and marketing for Solar FlexRack. “The added value for our clients allows us to prove our worth with increasingly larger projects. It’s a constant state of evolution, and that’s a good thing.”

On the tracker front, the company’s TDP Solar Tracker line has a self-powered option, powered by a PV module and backed up with a rechargeable lithium iron phosphate battery. Providing reliable, green energy storage, our high‐quality battery delivers optimum charging and extended life. The fully bankable technology includes integrated battery and charger, DC motor actuation, stand‐alone functionality, high precision voltage and current sensing, crystalline silicon module and mounting hardware.

Bundled with industry‐leading project support services, Solar FlexRack’s next‐generation solar tracker solutions offer solar developers and EPCs more options to optimize their projects’ designs and installations for increased energy yields and reduced installation risks. Solar FlexRack’s TDP Trackers and now, their new Self Powered option, continue to offer advanced designs that translate to simpler, faster installation, and cost‐savings across the solar project’s budget.

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