SolarEdge inverters ready for the EU’s requirement for generator code


SolarEdge inverters now comply with the EU’s 2016/631 Code, also referred to as requirement for generator (RFG), calling for the establishment of a network code with power requirements for power generators. The code, effective as of April 27, 2019, introduces new technical requirements, including the provision of reactive power, regulation of battery-systems for grid support, and necessary network system services.

SolarEdge inverters support the new code without any retrofitting. A simple firmware update may be required for inverters manufactured before the new Code went into effect. Installers can download the latest firmware here.

The firmware update for SetApp-enabled inverters can be performed directly from a smartphone using the SetApp mobile application. SolarEdge inverters with an LCD screen need to be updated via an SD card.
With Germany (VDE-AR-N 4105/10) and the U.K. (ENA EREC G98 and G99) having already defined their country-specific regulations, SolarEdge already meets these local standards. As other countries release their adaptations to RFG, SolarEdge will also meet these standards.

— Solar Builder magazine




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