Solaria to double its PV module production capacity (again) after $40 million in new funding


Don’t look now, but PV module manufacturer Solaria is making some big moves. The company already doubled its global production capacity earlier this year and now says it will more than double production capabilities by the end of the year, an increase made possible by $40 million in growth funding from leading strategic and financial investors including well-known solar industry investors T.J. Rodgers and Isidoro Quiroga, both of whom have joined Solaria’s Board of Directors.

“I have the privilege of seeing and evaluating a wide range of solar technologies, and it quickly became clear to me that Solaria’s approach is unparalleled,” Rodgers said. “Solaria pays attention to what is most important in residential solar products: quality, performance, and aesthetics. I’m pleased to support Solaria as they increase their market share worldwide and lead the way towards energy independence.”

Designed and engineered in the U.S., Solaria PowerXT is one of the most advanced solar panels on the market today. A patented cell design, advanced panel architecture, and innovative assembly techniques enable greater than 20% efficiency and a sleek Pure Black design with no visible circuitry. High power density allows solar installers to maximize power and energy yield on customer roofs. And shade resistant technology keeps Solaria PowerXT performing when other panels have ceased generating power.

“One of the fastest-growing areas in renewable energy is premium residential solar, where the focus is on efficiency, aesthetics, and value,” said Solaria CEO Suvi Sharma. “Solaria’s Pure Black PowerXT panels have emerged as a first choice in the premium segment, exceeding our expectations and creating tremendous demand for our products. Now we’ll be able to satisfy our customers while maintaining excellent customer service.”

— Solar Builder magazine







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