South Carolina moves closer to lifting net metering cap for rooftop solar

south carolina solar net metering

A bill that will eliminate an artificial cap on net metering from rooftop solar installations, allowing for more people to have solar energy as an electricity option, is moving forward in South Carolina, passing a vote in the state House last week. South Carolina’s solar market grew significantly in 2017. The state added 396 megawatts, nearly quadrupling its total amount of solar capacity. It had the eighth fastest growth among states last year. The solar industry currently employs more than 2,800 South Carolinians.

“This is all about making sure residents have solar as an option to lower their energy bills, and we’re pleased the House answered with a resounding yes. We urge the state Senate to do what’s right for jobs and consumers, i.e. take up and pass the bill without delay. Doing so will allow South Carolina to continue its rapid solar growth, give homeowners choice, and provide affordable electricity options and jobs.”

H. 4421 contains a number of common-sense consumer protections that would expand solar opportunity in South Carolina, including lifting a restrictive 2% cap on the state’s successful net metering program. Net metering makes sure solar customers get fair credit on their utility bills for the valuable solar power they send to the energy grid, which lowers costs for all consumers by reducing reliance on expensive utility power plants. This simple crediting arrangement is one of the most important state policies for empowering families, churches, schools, and businesses to meet their own power needs with solar energy.

— Solar Builder magazine


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