Space Saving Sliding Furniture


Living small requires that every piece of furniture performs it’s own function, as well as some extra one’s besides. Storage is usually the biggest problem, and the Spanish firm PKMN Architectures came up with a unique way to solve this obstacle during the renovation of a small villa in Madrid, Spain. To do so, they designed a series of innovative modular units, which are easily movable and thereby capable of creating entirely flexible living and workspaces.


The All I Own House, as the villa is called, only measures 538 square feet (50 square meters) and the owner uses it both as a home and a studio. The interior is basically one large room and the architects divided it into three functional and flexible spaces, namely a large, open plan living room, a kitchen and a bedroom.

The architects achieved this division by installing three sliding units, which are suspended from the ceiling and made of wood. These units offer plenty of storage areas, as well as a full kitchen counter, and even a double bed. One of these units can be slid to one side, which creates a larger, living, dining or kitchen area, while the other unit has the built in bed that can be stored away during the day to create more space. This unit also has ample shelves built in, which offers lots of storage space.




While the sliding units can easily weigh more than 1,763 lb. (800 kg) when fully loaded, the firm still claims that it is still easy to move them using just one hand. To achieve this they used industrial-spec Hepco rails and wheels for the moving mechanism.

The bathroom is also designed in a modern and space-saving way. The shower is separated from the main living area by only a set of clear doors, as is the toilet and sink area. Though this looks great in the pictures it might not be so usable in the event of having guests over who do not necessarily want to take a shower in front of you.



Sliding furniture is definitely a great way to fix the limited space problem in small houses and something similar could easily be applied in any given shipping container home, or another style of tiny house.

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