Students Share Their Solar Learning Connections

It is great watching students take the initiative to learn about solar energy. We received this letter not long ago from Layla Russell, who works for an after school program in New Jersey. Her students sent Green Building Elements a page about solar energy as a thank you, in hopes it may be helpful to others. Thanks for this kind letter, Layla, and the information page from your students, with our special thanks to Danny (consider your information posted!) who assisted on this project:

Good afternoon,

We wanted to say thank you for your site! I work for an after school program for a boys and girls club in New Jersey and my kids found your resources to be extremely helpful for a project we were working on about solar energy and other alternative energy choices. Ever since Hurricane Sandy they have been very enthusiastic about learning about the environment, energy, and issues that could improve their lives in the future. They were researching the Internet for help and came across your site found it very resourceful for the project!

The kids would like to pass along a page back to you, as a thank you, because they thought you might find it helpful in return:

They were hoping you could include this on your site (Especially Danny – who I agreed to give the extra credit to for finding it if posted)! I agree it seems like a great page filled with some valuable education material that could help others doing similar projects down the road.

I hope you are able to add this resource, I know they would be delighted to see it up on your site after using your page to complete their project. If you are able to put it up just let me know so I can pass it along to Danny and the rest of the kids!

Have a great day and thanks again!

Layla Russell

Photo: Solar panels and the environment from Shutterstock



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