Sun Bandit solar water heating, storage system qualifies for Solar Thermal Rebate Program

The PV-powered solar water heating and storage system, Sun Bandit by Next Generation Energy, has qualified for the new, higher incentives associated with the California Solar Initiative (CSI) Solar Thermal Rebate Program.
Close to $109 million in incentives is currently available to drive solar adoption: $92.6 million for general market, natural gas-displacing projects and $16.3 million for qualifying low-income single family and multi-family projects.

The aim is to help California 1) reduce the carbon emissions that come from fossil fuel-fed power plants, 2) increase solar savings for businesses and consumers 3) and create jobs for contractors and energy professionals throughout the state.

CSI officials say Californians can slash their water heating bills by up to 75% using solar technology. CSI’s Solar Thermal Program offers cash rebates of up to $4,366 on solar water heating systems for single family residential customers. Multi-family and commercial properties qualify for rebates of up to $800,000. The incentives are in most instances combinable with a 30% federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC*), which can cumulatively reduce up to 75% of system purchase and installation costs.

Rebates are processed through CSI program administrators covering four distinct California areas: the Center for Sustainable Energy in the San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) service territo-ry; [Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E), who serves 5.2 million households and businesses in the northern two-thirds of California; Southern California Gas Company and Southern California Edi-son (SCE).

Incentives are calculated based on a variety of factors, including system size, climate zone, azimuth, tilt, system back-up and annual average access. Use this CSI Incentive Calculatorto determine your potential solar savings with a Next Generation Energy Sun Bandit solution.

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“California is not only a global solar leader, but a hotbed of global technology innovation,” said Sun Bandit parent Next Generation Energy’s COO Lori Beedon. “CSI’s recognition of Sun Bandit’s patented ‘wire to water’ technology offers Californians a new breed of simplified, aesthetically-superior solar water heating and storage solution with multiple storage and back-up capabilities. And Sun Bandit eliminates the mechanical and freezing issues that have plagued old-school solar thermal for decades. Sun Bandit’s qualifying for CSI rebates affords businesses and consumers a menu of fresh new options to accelerate solar water heating adoption in the Golden State.”

— Solar Builder magazine


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