Sunflare thin-film residential roof shingles to debut at Solar Power International

sunflare solar shingle on house

Will the best solar shingle solution please stand up. Sunflare is rising from its chair at the 2018 Solar Power International (booth #2482) to debut its new, easy to install residential shingles . The photos look sharp, and Sunflare says these patent-pending residential roof shingles with snap-together electrical connectors allow for standard-roofing installation, simpler wiring and are 100 percent water-proof.

Similar to Sunflare’s larger modules, the shingles are CIGS solar cells encapsulated in durable, light weight polymer sheets. Each cell has a by-pass diode — that means only the cell that is shaded becomes inactive in a shadow. Sunflare roof-integrated solar has the potential to quickly replace traditional shingles and tiles as the roof covering of choice for homeowners.

sunflare solar shingle

“These could definitely be a game changer if they can perform in the heat. I like the cosmetics of this design as well. After a quick glance at these, they look to be fairly easy to install,” says Brad Nally, Executive VP for Diversified Roofing Corporation, one of the largest roofing companies in Arizona.

As far as the heat goes, the Sunflare panel has a temperature coefficient of -.31% per 1 degree Celsius. Silicon runs -.45 per 1 degree Celsius.

The warranties are also a plus: 25-year linear production, 25-year workmanship, and 25-year warranty on the optimizer.

— Solar Builder magazine







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