Sunnova adds racking manufacturer SolaRack to its approved vendor list


SolaRack, an American solar racking manufacturer, today announced it has been added to the approved
vendor list of privately held U.S. residential solar and battery storage service provider Sunnova. The deal allows Sunnova’s vast network of local installers access to SolaRack’s innovative line of solar mounting and racking components.

“We’re always looking to get our product line into more hands of skilled solar installers.” said Moti Atia,
CEO of SolaRack. “A relationship of this sort with a company like Sunnova allows us to do just that. We
couldn’t be happier.”

Meet SolaRack

SolaRack is a manufacturer of solar systems designed to save installers time and money, while limiting liability, and without compromising on quality, materials or finish.

Among SolaRack’s product line is a series of patented double attachments for all roof types including
composition shingle, flat tile, S‐tile, stone coated metal and flat roof standoff applications, designed to
support two rails per roof penetration, providing a stronger solution than a shared rail system. Their
module clamps are self‐standing, one‐size‐fits‐all, and ground the module to the rail with an integrated
grounding channel nut, penetrating both the panel frame and rail providing a shorter grounding path.

— Solar Builder magazine


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