Sunvalley Solar to Build 1.1-MW Solar System for Wreden Ranch in California

Sunvalley Solar announced today it has been awarded a new 1,122-kW solar system installation contract from Wreden Ranch in Hanford, Calif.

stock - skypanelsThe 1,122-kW contract is for a system capable of generating 2,096,352Wh of electrical power annually.

“This is definitely a milestone for Sunvalley Solar in terms of the system size and the project funding solution,” said James Zhang, CEO of Sunvalley Solar. “The customer’s financial support, in the form of a project loan from a financial institution and a banking partnership, effectively addresses solar funding issues resulting from the termination of the Federal Cash Grant solar incentive plan last year. The faith, by both the bank and the customer, allows Sunvalley to demonstrate its commitment to its customers and provide the highest quality solar solutions. We are confident of future contracts with this project financing capability.”

The installation of this project will start by middle of 2014.

— Solar Builder magazine





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